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e-BANYA @ Glamour Gay Sauna 07/20 22:00 - 07/21 08:00, Glamour Gay Sauna, Vilnius

Gay Naked party @ Glamour Gay Sauna 07/21 22:00 - 07/22 08:00, Glamour Gay Sauna, Vilnius

Sunday Chill @ Glamour Gay Sauna 07/22 20:00 - 07/23 03:00, Glamour Gay Sauna, Vilnius

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Atsiųsta 2015-12-11 22val.

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Arriving in Madrid, a young American couple are looking for help after making a reservation. They asked for directions, but the hostel owner send them a note in Spanish. So they ask the people of Madrid what it says, and their reactions are astounding. For it turns out the letter by the landlord is dripping with homophobic hatred. There is a threat to ‘punch their fucking face’ if they are seen kissing or holding hands in his hostel. ‘It’s better if you go to another hostel, because this one is not very good,’ one girl says, unable to tell them what the letter actually says. ‘You go with this to the police, they can close his business,’ one man tells them. ‘This is disgusting,’ a woman says. Made by Spain’s State Federation of Lesbians, Gays, Transsexuals and Bisexuals, the campaign is calling on people to report homophobic, biphobic and transphobic threats, insults or attacks.

Gay tourists ask Spanish people to translate homophobic letter, their reactions will astound you