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Is Daniel Craig’s Bond bisexual? Skyfall revitalized the franchise and contained a few shocks. One of the biggest, saw fans speculate about the spy’s sexuality because of a scene in which Daniel Craig and Javier Bardem (who plays the villain Raoul Silva) engage in some homoeroticism. Silva has had 007 tied up and as he confronts the sexy agent, he caresses Bond’s bare chest and strokes his thighs. When Raoul suggests this is the first time James has been handled in such a way by another man, Bond replies: ‘What makes you think this is my first time?’ Craig described the scene as ‘a great flirt’. He added: ‘I don’t see the world in sexual divisions.’ As far as Silva’s sexuality, Craig said: ‘Someone suggested that Silva may be gay. And I’m like, I think he’ll fuck anything. ‘It the right thing to say, and that way that Javier plays it is so great. He plays it for real, and he plays it to the limit. He never forgets that he’s playing a Bond villain. I love that scene. It makes me laugh. I hope it makes you laugh.’